The Unique Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated to do this Award, yaaay! This is the first award I got nominated for and I’m so excited. I’d like to thank @notsomoderngirl for nominating me for this award and you should definitely check her blog out!


  • Share a link to the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions they’ve set.
  • Nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them three questions, which they will answer in their award post.


NotSoModernGirl’s questions:

1. If you could change the ending of one book, which would it be?

Night Film. This is the first book that I thought of because I was incredibly disappointed with the ending. It could’ve easily been a 5-star read BUT… I could never understand why the author chose that particular ending because I was so into the supernatural elements of the story and so the ending was a bit meeh. I really was confused. I don’t know if other people guessed what the author intended with that ending but I didn’t and so, Night Film is the book I’ll pick for this question.

2. Is there a film that you would say is better than the book it’s based on? Which one?

The Silence of The Lambs. Why? Well, because Anthony Hopkins. I don’t think this needs further explanation. He was really great in the movie adaptation! The book was good too but Hopkins made it this way :p

I wish I could find more answers to this question but I really don’t watch movies a lot. I mean, I’m trying to do better and go to the movies once in a while but I prefer tv shows somehow so I rarely find myself watching a movie, let alone a movie adaptation of a book that is better than the book!

3. What’s something about you that makes you unique? (Seeing as this is the unique blogger award 😉 )!

This reminds me of when I wanted to get a summer job and was preparing for interviews, haha. This question gets asked quite a lot but I was usually answering with made up answers from the internet because I had no experience and I am really not good at finding qualities concerning me.

ANYWAYS, it’s going to be pretty difficult to answer this question without going into  basic “well, everybody’s unique… DNA…fingerprints…”. I suppose that what makes me unique is that I do not tend to follow trends and that I wasn’t always a reader. I tend to see that everyone in the community has started reading since the beginning of times lol and I have only started a few years back. 😥 (Probably the reason why I’m so behind on books that are read by pretty much everyone!) I also love learning languages which makes me sometimes discover great books that weren’t translated. For now, it’s only Spanish and Dutch (that I’m still working on) besides Arabic and French buuut yeah, that works well with the fact that I usually dislike reading translated books.

My questions for you:

  1. Have you ever read a book in one sitting? Which book was it?
  2. Are you for or against dog-earing, drawing and annotating on books?
  3. What makes you think “This is a 5-star read” and what was the last one you’ve read?


I nominate:

Casey @Adoptabookaus

Aimee @My Life in Books

Jessica @Loony for Books

Liliana @Liliana N Bookish

Reg @SheLatitude

Alicia @A Kernel of Nonsense

Angelica and Rosie @The Book Cover Girls

Inge @The Belgian Reviewer

First of all, I’m sorry if you’ve already done this or if someone else has already nominated you. There’s no pressure whatsoever to do the award. I would like to mention that I love all of these blogs and you should totally check them out 😀 I do hope this will be fun for you to do!

Feel free to share with me your answers of any of the questions mentioned!

Happy reading! ❤


20 thoughts on “The Unique Blogger Award

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination! I actually just did this award today but I love doing these, especially since it’s a different question each time, so I’m really excited to answer these. Also, I can’t believe you are learning all these languages! That’s crazy! I’ve been wanting to learn German for forever now but never get around to actually doing it for real. I may need to take some inspiration from you! Keep doing what you do, may you learn all those languages and more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw you’re welcome! 🙂 It isn’t the same thing if it’s with different questions, definitely! 😀 I’d love to read your answers to these questions. Haha, I suppose that’s only because in Morocco, we’re born learning how to speak both French and Arabic and later on we get introduced to English too. It kinda became a hobby after I realized I was going to learn no English following the school’s system and so I had to teach myself. It is still hard for me to speak the languages though. I hope you’ll get to it eventually! I also love German but I was always so scared of it haha It sounds so difficult! Don’t you think? For me, what motivates me is the idea of travelling and meeting/corresponding with people from all over the world. It opens so many doors! Thank you so much ❤

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      1. That’s so cool that you get to learn all those languages! In the Dominican Republic, where I am from, they only teach English in high school. But in the U.S. people usually take either French or Spanish. I somehow got stuck in Spanish, despite being a native speaker of the language. My cousin though back in DR taught himself English and is learning Italian because he’s going to study in Italy. I feel like I would be more motivated to learn if I could travel. I only go from the U.S. to the DR and that’s no fun. You are lucky that you get to see different parts of the world. I would love to do that.


  2. Thank you for the nomination! I’ve been recently nominated for the same award by another blogger, so as soon as I feel better and can get back to drafting posts, I’ll combine both your questions with those of the other blogger and do the award!

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    1. It isn’t very easy but I think it might have been even more difficult if I didn’t understand English and if I haven’t spent quite some time in Flanders, north Belgium. That’s when I realized that I reaaally needed to learn it! 😀 I’m only but a beginner though haha At this point, I can only read really easy children’s books. Uni isn’t helping also so I always have to wait for holidays to try to improve. 😦

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  3. Thank you for the nomination! I don’t like to do tags if they’re hard but these three questions seem doable so I accept the challenge! So surprised to hear that you’re learning Dutch. You can always talk in Dutch to me if you like ;-). If you know Dutch, you can do German too, it’s about the same ;-).


    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked the questions and I’m looking forward to reading your answers! 😀 Oh my Dutch is still weak to be honest and I can only make very simple sentences but that would be really great! Yes, I was thinking about learning Dutch and then maybe try German too!

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  4. Great post, thanks for the mention! Wow, you read a lot of languages- I’ve been attempting to read a book in French for ages- I can do it but by the time I’ve read a page, I could have read an entire chapter in an English book haha 🙂


    1. You’re welcome ❤ I can definitely understand that, haha. Reading at first seems more like homework than anything else which is why I usually go for one short book in a foreign language every three months or so. The best thing to do though is to read the translation of a book you really loved in your target language!

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