REVIEW: One For The Money by Janet Evanovich

One for the Money (Stephanie Plum, #1) ONE FOR THE MONEY ⭐

Published 2006 by St. Martin’s Griffin

SYNOPSIS: Pestered by her close New Jersey family, Stephanie Plum offers to catch high-school crush Joe Morelli, cop turned bail jumper, for her cousin Vinnie’s company. She questions “working girls” to find the missing girlfriend of vicious prizefighter Benito Ramirez while Joe secretly watches her back. Ranger mentors her and supplies vehicles when hers explode. (more on Goodreads)

THOUGHTS: Okay, short version of the review: Ew, waste of time. And for the longer version, stick around for just a little bit.

The main reason of why I had this in audio book in the first place was because I kinda predicted I will not like it. I only make the effort to read a book when I’m, at least, 50% sure I’ll like it. Janet Evanovich is supposed to be popular but I’ve never heard of her books before, haha. Some say that she’s as popular as Danielle Steel? But I’m really not sure. If any of you have read one of her books before, I would be interested to know which is her best book because, if this is it, then… Ouch. In the mean time though, maybe you could like it. I’ve checked the Goodreads page of the book before starting it and found mainly good reviews which makes me fit in the minority group. Also, there’s like 23 sequels to this? I don’t know why or how but I definitely won’t be picking these up. Fed up enough with the first as it is!

The main character named Stephanie decides to go after dangerous criminals while she doesn’t even know how to use a gun and hits them with her bag which is, in my opinion, sexist (????). The question marks are there because I try not to use that word lightly but the vulnerable female protagonist who’s stupid enough to willingly go after criminals, hits them with her bag instead of with the gun that she had on her, ALWAYS needs to be saved from every dangerous situation (either by Morelli or another guy, forgot what’s his name but yeah: saved by men) and who will end up falling in love with one of them? Naaaaah. She melts in the presence of  a certain Morelli who sexually abused her when she was younger. She has a rapist going after her and he really, really wants her to be his next victim. (Can you see how this is ridiculous?) She’s constantly harassed. And on top of this, the Morelli abuser apparently has feelings for her too! He doesn’t even look like the person who can remember the name of the girlfriend he had last summer, let alone the girl he slept with years and years ago. The characters are all very mediocre, flat and silly and they don’t get better.

“In my opinion, the only good spider is a dead spider, and women’s rights aren’t worth dick if they mean I can’t ask a man to do my bug squashing.”

It’s very offensive and degrading and full of stereotypes and ugh! Thank God I didn’t have to actually read the book and even if I didn’t, I could still feel that the writing was the epitome of unimaginative and bland which really doesn’t help the boring plot and the boring characters. The accent of the narrator was also a bit too strong for me. I started loving it at some point but then with all the stupidity and nonsense, I just kept rolling my eyes and wishing for her to stop speaking. I did not DNF it though only because I didn’t have time to look for another book to listen to (I take a looooong time to take a decision) and I was curious about how it all end. I hope you’re not thinking “Wow! Too much hate!”. I’ve never had the opportunity to read such a horrible book. Never! I really can’t understand how the majority gets to like this book. Then again, each his taste. I would say that this could work more for someone with less reading experience, who doesn’t know what to read and who likes mystery books.

And that’s it for today! Hope I didn’t go too strong haha I am also sorry about not posting regularly anymore but that’s because of exams. So much to learn, so little time! 😦 Aaaand, almost forgot! I’ve finally started A Court of Thorns and Roses and I’m reaaally enjoying it!

Have you read One for The Money or other books by the author and what did you think of it/them?


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