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Hellooo! ‚̧

I am finally back from weeks and weeks of exams and I’ve missed it all so much. It is so hard to give up on reading but I just had to, sadly. I took a few days to rest after the final exams because I’ve been surviving on 4 hours of sleep every night and sometimes even less which was very unusual for me. But now I am happy to have more time to read as it is finally summer holidays for me! ūüéČūüéäūüéČūüé䬆I’m very very excited because… What better than to spend the whole day reading?

I am going to tackle my Netgalley TBR that got soooo messy especially that I had no reading done in a while. “The Weight of Lies” is a book that I’ve read for some time now but I couldn’t find the time to write a review and so I spent a few days skimming through it and making notes and the review is finally here! I hope you’ll enjoy it ‚̧

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Title: The Weight of Lies

Author: Emily Carpenter

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing

Publication date: June 6th, 2017

N¬į of pages: 379 pages

Genre: Mystery, Thriller


In this gripping, atmospheric family drama, a young woman investigates the forty¬≠-year¬≠-old murder that inspired her mother‚Äôs bestselling novel, and uncovers devastating truths‚ÄĒand dangerous lies.

Reformed party girl Meg Ashley leads a life of privilege, thanks to a bestselling horror novel her mother wrote decades ago. But Meg knows that the glow of their very public life hides a darker reality of lies, manipulation, and the heartbreak of her own solitary childhood. Desperate to break free of her mother, Meg accepts a proposal to write a scandalous, tell-all memoir.

Digging into the past‚ÄĒand her mother‚Äôs cult classic‚ÄĒdraws Meg to Bonny Island, Georgia, and an unusual woman said to be the inspiration for the book. At first island life seems idyllic, but as Meg starts to ask tough questions, disturbing revelations come to light‚Ķincluding some about her mother.

Soon Meg’s search leads her to question the facts of a decades-old murder. She’s warned to leave it alone, but as the lies pile up, Meg knows she’s getting close to finding a murderer. When her own life is threatened, Meg realizes the darkness found in her mother’s book is nothing compared to the chilling truth that lurks off the page.


Rating | rating.pngrating.pngrating.pngrating.png

Review |¬†I gotta admit! When I first started the book, I wasn’t really feeling it and I just kept going mainly because of all the hype. I was afraid I’d missed something along the way. After I finished the book, I was only going to give it a 3 out of 5 stars but then I decided to wait a little bit and think about my whole experience while reading it and it turned out to be that kind of book that haunts you even after reading it for a while. You don’t just close the book and move on. And that’s what made me reconsider and give it 4 stars instead. I know it doesn’t sound like a big change: 3 and 4 are pretty much the same but not for me. Illogical but let’s move on to more interesting stuff.

The reasons I didn’t like it at the beginning was that, first of all, at the beginning of each chapter, there’s an excerpt of “Kitten”, a book written by Frances Ashley, the mother of our main character Megan Ashley. It kind of annoyed me when I was still new to the characters. I kept mixing up Fay and Frances and I didn’t really know why these excerpts were at the beginning of each chapter. I didn’t understand how relevant they were and it kept going on for at least half the book. That’s when I finally started caring about those little passages. Still, I think they didn’t really work as well as they should have. Second, I did not like Megan. Rich and spoiled characters actually irritate me, may it be in the books that I read or the shows that I watch. Megan was no exception when I first got introduced to her. But, thankfully, it got better! She grew to be a genuine person and I couldn’t help but care about her along her journey. Basically, she started using her mind instead of just following whatever her hatred for her mother was telling her.

Overall, I thought that the plot was really nice and I enjoyed the creepy atmosphere that sets in once we move to Bonny Island where we meet Dorothy, the owner of the famous hotel where the events in “Kitten”, novel by Frances Ashley, supposedly happened. That really made me want to keep reading. The story takes lots of twists and turns and I as a person who usually manages to guess what’s going to happen, missed to do so when it came to “The Weight of Lies”. I really did not expect anything at all of what has happened. I had a few theories of course but all of them ended up being not exactly right which is a very positive thing. It reminded me a lot of Night Film with the whole Cult-thing going on. The book was also not just about the whole family drama! It surprisingly also ended up being a diverse read. “Surprisingly” only because I haven’t really read any diverse book in this genre. Which is a bad thing, I know, but I’m trying to remedy this and read more diversely. There are lots of passages in this book talking about Native American tribes and all the ugly things they had to endure along with all that was stolen from them. Of course, this was the first book yours truly has ever read about Indigenous people and I found myself quite ignorant about it which is probably why we need more and more diverse books. I’m looking forward to reading more about it! I would like to mention that I have not verified the veracity of all facts stated in the book (it is a work of fiction, after all) but over all, it still condemns the atrocities they had to go through + we have a main character that’s a person of color which is very refreshing and that’s what’s important.

The writing was pretty dense but it was still a quick read because, of course: Very captivating! I really liked being in the mind of our main character Megan Ashley and I loved seeing her decipher the mystery and morph into this very adventurous, mature and down to earth character. I did not care much about her and Koa though… I really do not enjoy romance so I might be an exception. I felt as if he was just there to add 1 sprinkle of romance but meh… All I had eyes for was this very badass Meg and her mother, Frances!

If anyone’s looking for a creepy, unsettling and very captivating read: this is your book! It might be a little bit hard to get into but it’s definitely worth it!

This book was provided to me by Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


March+April Wrap-Up (Books)

Helloo! Finals prep is killing me. A few more days before we finally get rid of them! It’s the reason my reading has gone down down down… And I’m definitely not happy about it! I miss reading books without feeling guilty about “wasting” time.

Today I’ve decided to talk about all the books I’ve read in the past two months and the ones I am currently reading. I’ll make another post with the movies and the TV shows I’ve watched and enjoyed (or not!) too because I do regularly watch TV Shows and now I’ve started watching movies too, yaaay!


This is the list of the books that I’ve managed to read during the past two months. Not much but I don’t think I could’ve managed to do better with my current situation. Sadly I also ended up with many disappointing books that kept getting me further into that reading slump. Now I know that there are a few four/five stars in the list but like one of them was a re-read (Pride and Prejudice <3) and another was an audiobook¬†and pretty much all of the good books were read either at the beginning of March or at the end of April so I was left with okay content during the month. (The books by Tolstoy were really great though but I hold a grudge against them for not being bigger, way bigger. I wouldn’t have read ACOTAR if they hadn’t finished so fast).

  • The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź
  • Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź
  • Letters to a Young Poet by Maria Rainer Rilke¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź
  • Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź
  • The Name of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź
  • Family Happiness by Leo Tolstoy¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź
  • A Confession by Leo Tolstoy¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas¬†‚≠ź
  • One for the Money by Janet Evanovich¬†‚≠ź
  • Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź


I’d recommend The Name of The Wind to everyone. If you haven’t read it yet, just go and do it! I think it was my first Adult Fantasy and I can’t recommend it enough! I’ve heard there is a sequel on the way so hopefully that will be soon enough! I read the Tolstoy novella (Family Happiness) and the essay (A Confession) mainly to get a taste of his writing before diving in War and Peace. I don’t know if you’d be interested but if you’re also planning to read it, maybe we can buddy read it?

I’ve talked about what I didn’t like about ACOTAR in a discussion you’ll find down below. I wouldn’t recommend someone who hasn’t read the book to read it but all in all I can tell you that I really didn’t like it and I gave it one star. It was petty and very disappointing but I’m still going to pick up ACOMAF because I’ve heard it gets much much better. I’ve already picked it up actually… I’m too curious, can’t help it!

About Gone Girl, I don’t think I’ve ever read something quite like it! I hated both main characters but it’s just crazy and creepy and I liked it very much! I’ve watched the movie straight after and I also liked it which is very surprising because usually I never am satisfied with adaptations. I was mind blown! If you haven’t read it, please do! I definitely want to read more by Gillian Flynn now. Letters to A Young Poet was very inspiring and motivating. It’s the kind of book with quotes you want to stick on your wall and look at them every morning. I really enjoyed it as it spoke to me in many instances. Here’s a passage that is really nice, I find:

Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart. Try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language. Do not now look for the answers. They cannot now be given to you because you could not live them. It is a question of experiencing everything. At present you need to live the question. Perhaps you will gradually, without even noticing it, find yourself experiencing the answer, some distant day.

Rilke has a beautiful writing and this I also read to get a taste of the author’s writing. I wanted to read letters because I recently got two new Penpals and so I’m into letters ‚̧ (I loved getting letters, would recommend it too!)

I’ll skip One For The Money for the sole reason that I don’t think it’s worth anyone’s time. But if you want my full review, you can find it here. (Can you feel the resentment, lol?)

Last but not least, Talking as Fast as I Can was a really nice audiobook. If you’re a huge fan of Gilmore Girls, go for it! I’m not sure if you’d enjoy it just as much if you don’t know Lauren Graham from GG but you could go for it anyways. I personally love this woman and her narrating the book was just fantastic! ‚̧



One For The Money – Janet Evanovitch

The Unseen World – Liz Moore

The Lover’s Dictionary – David Levithan

Brown Girl Dreaming – Jacqueline Woodson


Down The TBR Hole #1

Down The TBR Hole #2


The Unique Blogger Award


Discussion: Books vs. Ebooks

Wrap-Up: February


I didn’t buy many books this time around sadly and I doubt buying a textbook will count. That’s what made me go broke. A textbook, damn it! I got with it the Mistborn trilogy and as a lovely gift, I also got Le Compte de Monte-Cristo (The Count of Monte Cristo in French) by Alexandre Dumas. Oh, and I also got Gemina! I almost forgot and yet, I can’t wait to read it!


I don’t really have a TBR ready for May since it’s (yup, I’m saying it again) finals time and so basically anything I read is great

And that’s it for the March+April Book Wrap Up! Do any of these books piqued your interest? Have you read any of these or perhaps are they already in your TBR? 

Get To Know Me TAG

Hello everyone! Today we’re here for: not exactly a bookish talk. I wasn’t really tagged by anyone but I’ve seen this tag on many blogs before and I thought that it might be a good way to introduce myself without “overthinking” it. I had some blogs before and I would always start with this post where I would introduce myself. Each day I kept checking it out and then, when I thought that it wasn’t¬†good enough, I’d delete the blog (yes, the blog, not the post). I never knew what to say and with what to start¬†because my mind goes blank so when I saw this, all I could think was “This is perfect!”. Oh, and none of the pictures (icons, GIFs) are mine on this post.



  • Name:¬†Imane.
  • Nicknames: Mimi, which happens to be the nickname of my little sister and that’s very common so nothing really special. I’ve also been called Vegeta’s eyebrows because, well, I have Vegeta’s eyebrows
  • Birthday:¬†December 28.
  • Star Sign:¬†Capricorn.
  • Occupation:¬†Full-time medical student, part-time reader (if you didn’t already know haha).



  • Hair Colour:¬†Dark brown.
  • Hair Length:¬†When curly or when straight? Mid-back when curly and at the small of my back when straight. It hasn’t been straight in a long time though! (that picture was two years ago) When I was a little girl though, I’ve never had long hair. In all of my pictures from kindergarten to middle school I always had a pixie.
  • Eye Colour:¬†Dark brown.
  • Best Feature:¬†Perhaps my hands and feet, lol. Oh and my eyes, that’s what I usually get compliments about, so…
  • Braces:¬†I had them and I was very bad at it. Like, the worst. Always missing appointments and eating loads of apples. :p
  • Piercings:¬†Two, one in each ear if those count.
  • Tattoos:¬†None.
  • Right or Left:¬†Right.




  • Real holiday:¬†What’s exactly a real holiday? The first I remember was when we went to Tiznit, in the south of Morocco and I got stuck in the bathroom at the hotel very early in the morning and when my parents woke up¬†and they didn’t find me, they¬†freaked out. My real out-of-the-norm (because we were only two and not the whole family as usual) holiday though would be¬†summer holiday of 2015. Lisbon (Portugal) => Ghent (Belgium) => Brussels (Belgium)
  • Best friend:¬†A boy and a girl named Youness and Fadela respectively. I met them both in 1st grade and then we got separated when I changed schools after elementary school.
  • Award:¬†I think it was something during elementary school for being in the top 3 in class.
  • Sport:¬†Oh, man! Please motivate me to get active? This is a cry for help. I’m a couch potato.
  • Concert:¬†Never been to a concert mostly because I don’t like crowds and I don’t think I can have a concert for myself. Oh wait, there’s iTunes! (lame, i know)




  • Film: One? Okay, perhaps The Shawshank Redemption which is probably one of the very few movies I watched twice. And I know, I didn’t even include it on my list of favorite movies but OF COURSE, I had to forget loads of other movies and besides, it can’t be just 10. And if I can add just one I’d say Pierrot Le Fou and, well, maybe the entire list I posted. If you haven’t seen it, it’s right here.
  • TV Show:¬†FRIENDS! There are many great tv shows though.¬†In fact, I’m currently watching more than 30¬†of them so I probably like more than just one but Friends got me through some dark times which is why it’s very special to me.
  • Colour:¬†Blue!
  • Song:¬†Mariage d’Amour¬†by Paul de Senneville. I’m still trying to find a song¬†that can move me as much as this one does. :’)
  • Restaurant: I’m not sure you’d recognize the names of these restaurants but¬†I’ve been trying to find new places a bit everywhere in my city and it led me to Blend Gourmet Burger and Tula Comida Latina.
  • Shop:¬†I don’t really go shopping very much (I hate it) so I mostly order stuff online¬†unless I’m reaaaally in the mood for it, then I’d say Livremoi which is a bookshop, probably the nicest and only decent one in¬†Casablanca. Not much choice you see…
  • Books:¬†Harry Potter series, where my obsession about books started.
  • Shoes:¬†Strappy heeled sandls, they just look sooooo nice! Oh, and no platforms. Of course, I don’t wear them at all times because our streets look like Swiss cheese with all those holes and as much as I’d like for my feet to be pretty, I don’t wanna fall every two minutes and have everyone’s eyes on me, argh. ūüė¶



Feeling:¬†Excited, I just got some books today and I can’t wait to read them!! ‚̧
Single or Taken:¬†Quite serious relationship with my book boyfriends. And they’re REAL.
Eating: Nothing.
Thinking about:¬†I should be eating something…
Watching:¬†Nothing but I’m about to watch the last episode of Sherlock.
Wearing: Pajamas!



  • Want children:¬†Yes.
  • Want to be married:¬†Yes.
  • Careers in mind:¬†An MD? I really haven’t thought about the specialty haha Maybe Emergency Medicine or ObGYN? I have no idea.
  • Where you want to live: If we’re talking about the country, then:¬†Morocco! If it’s about the house then any reasonable place with a reading room.


  • God:¬†Yes!
  • Miracles:¬†Yes.
  • Love at first sight:¬†Not really.
  • Ghosts:¬†Yes.
  • Aliens:¬†No.
  • Soul Mates:¬†It could be possible but I’m not sure.
  • Heaven:¬†Yes.
  • Hell:¬†Yes.
  • Kissing on the first date:¬†Nope!
  • Yourself: There are times where I don’t.

I hope you didn’t get too bored and I hope some answers weren’t very lengthy so thank you for tagging along. And so I tag:

I’m sorry if you’ve already done it and of course, feel free to ignore it if you aren’t interested. If anyone else wants to do it, please go ahead because I’m looking forward to getting to know more about you!

That would be it and I’ll see you next time! Don’t hesitate to¬†share something about yourself in the comments. What do you think about love at first sight? What’s your favorite song or color?

You can also find me here, where it looks like a bird chose Goodreads over Instagram, attaboy:

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Guess Ze Plot | FEB RELEASES

I don’t know about you but whenever I’m looking for my next read, I sometimes have this bad habit of looking at the cover first and then the content. Probably one of the reasons I haven’t read the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout no matter how many times I’ve heard that it was so good. I’m sorry but the covers are cringy¬†and I can’t help it, even when it’s an ebook. I’m a cover person. I need pretty covers. Of course it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about the content, it’s just… Please, you gotta make an effort! Anyways, I’ve seen this video some time ago where you get to see the cover and then guess what the book’s about and I thought that it was pretty fun to do so I’m going to try and do a blog version of it. (the Ze instead of The is mainly because I watched too many videos of french desserts coming to life)

Of course I’m not going to take covers of pretty popular books I’ve already heard of through the blogging community or Booktube. Also, this will be about the books that were released or will be released during February 2017. The actual plot will be linked right after my hypothesis so you can go and try to find out more about the book. Maybe the cover made you curious?

R√©sultat de recherche d'images pour MY NOT SO PERFECT LIFE –¬†Sophie Kinsella

Okay so first, I wanna say that this is a pretty cover compared to those of Sophie’s other books. I like it. Now let’s move on to the plot. I think this is going to be about the life of a woman¬†in her 20s or 30s who apparently is waiting for her life to change while holding that phone, comparing herself to others on social media and then realizing she’s a loser and that she needs to do something with her life but she still choses to lay down and perhaps to wait for things to get done by themselves? I hope this isn’t a very i-whine-a-lot-about-my-already-normal-life book! ¬†I just realized I sound kinda¬†harsh. Touching a nerve? haha I waste so much time on social media too :'(. ACTUAL PLOT

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "The Orphan's Tale"


I have never heard of this author before but do you all remember the first scene we got in The Book Thief? When Liesel is with her mother and brother on a¬†train and it’s snowing? That’s what I first thought of when I saw¬†this cover. And by seeing this very old train, I assume that this is going to be some historical fiction in a country that’s apparently really cold with the main character being orphan, his or her parents being killed and (s)he’s trying to escape so (s)he’s on the road and is telling us his/her story? I hope it’s going to be during the World Wars (happens to be my favourite setting for historical fiction). If so, maybe it’s the tale of an orphan targeted by the Nazis? ACTUAL PLOT

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "A Piece of the World"A PIECE OF THE WORLDChristina Baker Kline

Okay. So this is about someone who obviously spent his life so sad and lonely in the house pictured. Very old house by the way so I guess it was about someone who was born in that house and has always lived there and then one day, the MC wants to see “a piece of the world”. The other world. The one he’s never seen before, not even on TV because I doubt he gets any reception in that house. From the colors and tones I’d assume this is a pretty sad book. I’m not sure if it’s goes-to-the-city-and-becomes-famous kinda story. I’d even say maybe it’s post-apocalyptic? Like someone who’s never left the house and then when everything else is destroyed decides to see “a piece of this new world”? ACTUAL PLOT

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Fake Fiancée book"FAKE FIANCEE РIlsa Madden-Mills

Well¬†first of all, that’s one very obvious fake fianc√©e! Who are we kidding? Clearly New Adult. Why do you have to get such ugly covers, New Adult? What have you done? This is kinda obvious I suppose. A girl that needs to prove herself or something goes on and pays an “actor” to be her “fake fianc√©e” and they fake this story of them being so in love and then one of them or maybe both of them will develop feelings and it’ll be the story of them trying to show the other that it’s not really an act anymore and that the feelings are real. I assume that the girl’s the one who develops feelings and maybe we get a happy or a sad ending… ACTUAL PLOT

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Daughter of the Pirate King book"


Pirates! And when there are pirates, there are treasures ¬†and loads of enemies involved not far away. The girl pictured on the cover reminds me a bit of Brave, the Disney movie. So I guess it’s about the daughter of a very famous pirate who maybe died recently in some pirate battle and his daughter wanted to fulfill some of his missions so she goes on this very dangerous trip which will involve lots of deaths and battles. She’ll try to make her father proud even though the pirate world isn’t made for a female captain so she’ll be struggling to maintain some kind of authority on her crew? ACTUAL PLOT

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "all our wrong todays  book"ALL OUR WRONG TODAYSElan Mastai

Hmm, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? I have no idea what this book could be about but with the “our”, maybe there’s a group of main characters and not just one? Maybe¬†it’s a world that has gone completely mad and there’s this one group of people who are being “rebellious” by not liking the way things are so they’re trying to find a way to make the wrong todays, the right todays? Either by trying to convince people, dealing in a very secretive way, to join their movement and plan or by trying to invent a way, scientifically speaking, to change everything and gets rid of the evil that took control of the world. ACTUAL PLOT

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "We Were the Lucky Ones book"WE WERE THE LUCKY ONESGeorgia Hunter

Looking at the black and white¬†and the hairstyles: I’d say it’s probably historical fiction. So maybe it’s about this lucky couple who had it all figured out and they had this pretty life with great plans but all of this was destroyed by some kind of event: maybe it’s the war, maybe it’s some sort of family drama and so they were the lucky ones. So in the book they probably had to fight to keep being¬†together with all the misfortunes falling on their heads or maybe they were just trying to be as happy as they were in a world that is no longer good to them. I don’t know why but I feel like I would like this one. ACTUAL PLOT

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "the valiant book" THE VALIANTLesley Livingston

Xena: Warrior Princess vibes?¬†This seems to be about a very badass strong female character. A gladiator? There are people watching her while she’s in the arena so I guess she’s involved in some kind of battles in Roma and she needs to win to make a name for herself. She looks a bit “sad” also so it’s like she does it to stay alive, not just to win some stupid battle. There’s a very dark thing about her so she seems to be on a mission so it ain’t time to show no signs of weakness. I have never really read anything with that setting so I don’t really know much how it goes but it seems really interesting!¬†ACTUAL PLOT


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "to catch a killer book"TO CATCH A KILLERSheryl Scarborough

I love the cover! It’s so dark and mysterious and the font’s perfect! So this, I guess, is about this girl who was trying to catch a killer. Maybe she’s with the police? Or she’s just investigating some murder. If she’s not with the police then maybe it was someone close to her, that she knew so she was trying to get her revenge. She ends up collecting little hints everywhere, researching and then when she finally has a hypothesis about who it might really be, the killer is onto her. So she might’ve discovered who it was but she needed proof and by getting too close to the killer, she might be putting herself in danger and there she’s pictured running from him? ACTUAL PLOT

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "under the knife book" UNDER THE KNIFEKelly Parsons

The cover clearly suggests that this is going to be around the medical world, set in a hospital so maybe the main character is a surgeon who may have dealt with the wrong patient at the wrong time. The tones of this cover don’t really indicate that it’s going to be a sad story but rather something kinda scary so maybe¬†the surgeon’s being subject to threats? Maybe he or she got involved in some organ trafficking business and can’t really get out of it. Or maybe it’s the story of someone who undergoes plastic surgery with doctors making experiments to achieve some kind of optimal result so they go “under the knife”? ACTUAL PLOT

This is actually better than what I thought it would be. Not because of whether the article turned out to be great or not but more because of all the brainstorming involved. I rarely try to find ideas for stories and this kind of made me do it. I know I haven’t gone into much detail but in my head I was already thinking about all the possibilities that we could have with that plot and it felt kinda nice.

I know that for many of these books I have really gone off track but I was a bit surprised by how related the cover was with the story! So maybe it is not wrong to judge a book by its cover? Haha, someone’s trying to find excuses for what she’s constantly doing.

PS: I’m sorry for the¬†ALL OUR WRONG TODAYS¬†part that doesn’t wanna behave ūüė• I really ¬†tried but to no avail! I should get some coding lessons or something. I checked the code and everything seems right but well, I guess not!

REVIEW: The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead

It took me a long time to decide whether to write a review about this book or not and it was mainly because I can’t do it justice. I also know that there are loads of reviews of this book since it won the National Book Award and was praised by Oprah and President Barack Obama. Well, ex-president, sadly… But I’m excited! I’ve made people read it and I kept discussing it with them because I needed to talk about all of my thoughts and when I failed to find people, I would go to Facebook and write a message to myself each time I remember something I wanted to say and no, I’m not crazy, “my mother had me tested”. (Well, not really but Sheldon’s mom did!) So with all this excitement and my desire to want more and more people reading it I decided it was finally time! So just in case my review doesn’t do it justice and you think it’s meeh and not worth your time, I stop you right there and go read it, peruse it, study it, flip through it, scan it! Just DO it. I mean really, Oprah¬†loved it… She even made the publisher¬†move the release date up by a month and if that’s not enough, I don’t know what is…

Let’s now move on to the review.

R√©sultat de recherche d'images pour ¬†THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD¬†¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź

Published August 2nd 2016 by Doubleday Books
SYNOPSIS: Cora is a slave on a cotton plantation in Georgia. Life is hellish for all the slaves but especially bad for Cora; an outcast even among her fellow Africans, she is coming into womanhood Рwhere even greater pain awaits. When Caesar, a recent arrival from Virginia, tells her about the Underground Railroad, they decide to take a terrifying risk and escape. Matters do not go as planned and, though they manage to find a station and head north, they are being hunted. (more on Goodreads)
THOUGHTS: And here comes the interesting fangirling part! Or at least, I think it is. I know that there wasn’t an actual underground railroad but before reading this book I’ve never thought that there was this group of people trying to help enslaved people by putting their own lives at risk. That’s just to mention that The Underground Railroad is fictional created by Colson Whitehead to represent the safe houses that existed during the 19th century and that went from the South of the United States to Canada to make a way of escape for slaves. Now of course I cannot say that I know the history of slavery especially that books I’ve read about it are mainly fictional but it’s nice to pick some things up from each of these novels. I’ve read this book twice, once¬†last December and a¬†second time for the Diverseathon. It was on my list of favorite books of 2016¬†and I felt like I needed to reread the book to write a review because on my first read, I’ve failed to take any notes.
“The only way to known how long you are lost in the darkness is to be saved from it.”
I’ve never heard of Colson Whitehead before and have never read something by him so I was very surprised by his writing which I absolutely loved because he portrayed slavery in such a great way although this made it a bit harder to read because there were just so many feelings involved that could’ve not been felt if it weren’t for Whitehead’s writing and way of expression. I remember holding the book during¬†my several commutes and sometimes closing¬†my eyes and be like “ughh, I cannot read this anymore!” which is probably the reason it took me so long to read it. It was very raw and I felt very connected to the characters even though I felt like some of them were too superficially introduced and I didn’t get to know them and their inner feelings very well. I’m now very much looking forward to reading another book by him. If you had read any work by him before and you have any recommendations, please tell me about it!
“Some might call freedom the dearest currency of all.”
I’ve loved the mention that slave owners feared slaves who knew how to read and loved reading because with knowledge came power. This is something we still see nowadays. Knowledge is a very big power and could be used against many¬†kinds of evil. There’s also a quote that struck me hard: “One might think one’s misfortune distinct, but the true horror lay in their universality.”. Cora, the main character, keeps encountering on her road more and more misfortunes.¬†The terror could be felt all throughout the book which probably is what made the book so powerful. This book not only deals with slavery but also friendship, sacrifice and love. I was very affected by the book, thinking about all those people who didn’t have the chance to escape from slavery.
I would definitely recommend this book to everyone! This is the story of a girl who was born a slave and begins a journey towards freedom. It’s the story of the people she meets, ¬†with those who will help her and those who will try to take her down. You’ll see a world that is divided by hate and racism. It is very thought provoking and the writing is just beautiful and was made for this kind of book so if you haven’t read it yet, please go and pick it up! And if you have, let me know about your thoughts in the comments down below! ūüôā

#TTT: Favourite Graphic Novels

It‚Äôs been a long time since I‚Äôve done a Top Ten Tuesday and this week, it‚Äôs all about the visuals! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and this week‚Äôs prompt is : Top 10 Graphic Novels and I love the timing of this since I‚Äôve just mentionned yesterday in my January Wrap Up how much I adored ‚ÄúMonster‚ÄĚ by Naoki Urasawa. Also, I think I‚Äôll make it a 12 Graphic Novels list because I‚Äôve read so many that were great with, of course, amazing art and tackled different issues with different themes and I defenitely you should check them out! I‚Äôm not sure there will be any particular order while listing my favorite graphic novels though‚Ķ

Without further ado, here is the list!


MONSTER by Naoki Urasawa¬†¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź

SWEET TOOTH by Jeff Lemire¬†¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź

SECONDS by Bryan Lee O’Malley¬†¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź

THROUGH THE WOODS by Emily Carroll¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź

SAGA by Brian K. Vaughan¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź

MONSTRESS by Marjorie M. Liu¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź

IN REAL LIFE by Cory Doctorow¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź

RAT’ QUEENS by Kurtis J. Wiebe¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź

I HATE FAIRYLAND by Skottie Young¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź

THE GIGANTIC BEARD THAT WAS EVIL by Stephen Collins¬†‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź

Do you have any graphic novels in your TBR? Which are the ones you are most looking forward to read?

January (and #DiverseAThon) Wrap-Up

Yesterday was the last day of the DiverseAThon and I can say that it worked pretty well to get me into reading. I’ve started January with loads of exams so I didn’t really have the time to read nor the enthusiasm. I’ve only just picked a few reading challenges and started listening to audiobooks but for me, audiobooks are a thing only when it comes to memoirs and I really missed my fiction! I’ve also took the time to read some graphic novels which are usually my companions during exams. There’s also a cooking book in the mix for when I was still thinking: Oh, here’s a new year and I still haven’t figured out what’s healthy and what’s not! I need to pick a book and learn more about healthy food. *eats tons of chocolate*

For the DiverseAThon, I have managed to finish 5 books. All of which were really good! I also really appreciated the chats that were hosted by Monica, Joce, Christina Marie and Simon. There were questions that directed the chats and lots of participants with genuine answers that taught me a lot. I don’t know how frequent are the DiverseAThons to be honest but I would love for it to be another one really soon. I had a pretty non-definite TBR. I’ve picked up 12 books to choose from + the common book chosen which is The Underground Railroad. I ended up reading 4 books from the list + rereading¬†The Underground Railroad which I’ve mentionned before was one of my favorite books of 2016 + Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of The Universe. Without counting the reread = 5 books which is more than I expected. I know that most books on the list are short but still, I don’t think I’ve ever done that much reading in the space of a week.

I’ll start by talking about the books I’ve read first (graphic novels + essays¬†+ cooking book) and then tackle the DiverseAThon reads.

R√©sultat de recherche d'images pour "deliciously ella"The first book I’ve finished in January was “Deliciously Ella” by Ella Woodward. I know nothing about cooking and I can’t say I’ve tried any of her recipes but she writes in a very enthusiastic way and that just did it for me. Also, she doesn’t use incredibly hard to find ingredients. I know that where I live even what is mentionned to be inexpensive and available everywhere is not but at least, it exists and many of her recipes are based on the same ingredients which is not something I find in every cookbook. It also suits beginners. I try my best to find resources for healthy eating but I can’t seem to find the right motivation. I hope that I’ll get to try one of her recipes, she makes it sound so easy!

Next, I’ve listened to “Bossypants” by Tina Fey whichR√©sultat de recherche d'images pour "men explain things to me" I’ve already read and reviewed here. I pretty much loved it and would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a fun quick read. Bonus points if you listen to the audiobook! The third book I’ve picked up is a collection of essays by Rebecca Solnit: “Men Explain Things to Me”. I don’t know why but from the title I was expecting a fun read about feminism. I’m not saying that the book is not good, on the contrary! I just don’t know why in my mind I’ve just figured that it’ll actually be about men explaining things to women which is a thing that happens quite a lot, sadly. It is a lot more darker and serious than the title lets it sound. Not all the essays were great, I’d say 3 out of the 7 in the book got my entire attention and the others were just too slow and not very engaging so there were some parts where I just skimmed, ouch. I’m not sure if I would recommend it to anyone, I’m not even sure I’d recommend it to myself if I could time travel and meet myself in the beginning of January sooo meeh…

R√©sultat de recherche d'images pour "monster manga"Next we have three graphic novels.¬†“Giant Days” Volume 1 and 2 by John Allison and the first volume of “Monster” by Naoki Urasawa. Let me start by talking about the latter: “Monster”. I really really loved this!¬†It’s just WOW! Definitely one of my favourite mangas/graphic novels. It starts kinda slowly but then… You just can’t put it down! The artwork’s amazing and I love the main character which is Dr. Tenma so I’m definitely looking forward to reading the next volumes.¬†I can’t recommend this highly enough! Even if you’re not a big fan of mangas,you should read it. As for “Giant Days”, they’re my next favorite graphic novels coming right after “Monster” for this month. I’ve heard lots of people rave about it so I decided to pick the first two volumes and I did not regret it. It was really cute and the art: so great with loads of colors and a great palette. It was really fun at times and the characters are all really relatable. Also loved the diversity! I’m not sure if I like the second volume just as much or a bit less but either way it’s still a fun series and you should totally read it!¬†R√©sultat de recherche d'images pour "giant days"

R√©sultat de recherche d'images pour "medea"Last but not least and right before talking about my DiverseAThon reads, I’ll talk about “Medea” by Euripides, an ancient greek play. It follows the story of Jason and Medea who were married with two children but got separated after Jason decided to take on a new wife after Medea has done everything to protect him, including killing her own brother. How could he, right? And most importantly, how could she? It’s very tragic since there are lots of murders and it really surprised me. I wasn’t expecting that at all and it made me want to read more and more classics of its kind. I didn’t know what to think of Medea’s actions really. She shouldn’t have involved anyone besides her husband I think. It was monstruous, beyond all evil! Lesson learned?: To never upset a woman. Don’t you dare! Maybe your woman is a Medea and you don’t want the consequences!

R√©sultat de recherche d'images pour "binti book"Now here come the DiverseAThon reads! I will do a review for each and every book of these ( I have already done 3 and working on my 4th which will be for the group read) since I think all of these books gave me much thoughts and I would really love to discuss them. I have started the week by¬†reading “Binti” by Nnedi Okorafor and “The Reason I Jump” by Naoki Higashida. Both books I’ve really enjoyed although the second is to be R√©sultat de recherche d'images pour "the reason i jump book"taken with a grain of salt since I find it quite “dangerous” for a person to be speaking for all autistic¬†people. “Binti” presented a mix of culture and technology which I haven’t read or encountered in any other book before. Would love to read something like that that is perhaps a bit longer? I have yet to do my research.

Right after finishing both these books, I’ve started “A World Without You” R√©sultat de recherche d'images pour "a world without you book"by Beth Revis and “The Underground Railroad” that happens to be a reread. The first book is really nice. The writing? Marvelous! I only wish it gave more importance to the secondary characters. I’ve linked the title to the full review so you can click on it to see my full thoughts about the book. The second book is a gem. It’s really not easy to read though and not recommended for the fainthearted! I personally loved Colson’s writing and it fit perfectly the narrative. Of course there are some bad things like the fact that some characters weren’t fully R√©sultat de recherche d'images pour "the underground railroad book"developed (I’m really into characters!) but it didn’t matter much next to what “The Underground Railroad” really was. I am still very hesitant to publish my review because I’m afraid I won’t do it justice but in the same time I’m really excited to share my point of view sooo… It’s very powerful and heartbreaking. There were times where I just had to stop which is probably why it took me so long to finish regardless of the fact that I loved the book and that it was the reread. Still the same impact though!

R√©sultat de recherche d'images pour "citizen book"I hope this doesn’t count as cheating but I’ve only finished “Citizen”¬†by Claudia Rankine a few hours after midnight. I read it in one sitting and it is so powerful. Rankine’s writing is so elegant and is able to wrap you in, to get you hooked. I am not a big fan of sports but I was still really shocked of how Serena Williams was treated. Plenty of racism everywhere! It’s sad that we still have to fight for this. I didn’t realize it was poetry until I saw it on Goodreads. It felt like reading essays but then again I don’t know much about prose poetry. Would definitely recommend this book, even more if you’ve enjoyed “Between The World and Me”. AndR√©sultat de recherche d'images pour "aristotle and dante book" just before finishing “Citizen”, I have read “Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of The Universe” by Benjamin Alire S√†enz. I didn’t know it before but it’s narrated by Lin-Manuel Miranda! That was such a great surprise! It was a beautiful and emotional read. The writing, the characters, the topics it discusses… I know I’ve just said that I did not listen to audiobooks if they weren’t memoirs buuut Lin-Manuel kept me going! It feels so nice to finally understand why everyone was talking about this book! You should definitely read it!

And that’s it for my January reads! I hope it wasn’t too long. Let me know if you’ve had any favorites during the month of January and what you’re planning on reading on February! Thanks a lot for tagging along!