February Wrap-Up (+TBR)

Hellooo! ❤ I hope you’ve enjoyed your February! Didn’t last long, hehe.

Well, this month hasn’t exactly been the best reading month. I also haven’t updated my Goodreads regularly so I’m feeling kinda lost right now because I used to check all the books read during the month to actually remember them and put them on the list (I’m usually confused about whether I’ve read X book during the current month or the month before, not that I don’t remember reading a book at all). The reason is that we’re currently renovating the house and there’s always so much to do with studies, the different commutes I had to do and also me learning how to drive. My driving test was going to be for the 1st March but thank God it was postponed! I was barely ready. Now that I got my second chance, I’m ready to take it a bit more seriously. Anyways, that is to say that I was extremely busy with everything else and I only had time to read during said commutes and it didn’t help at all.


So, looking back on February, here’s a list of the posts that were published:



NIGHT FILM by Marisha Pessl


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#T5W: Books To Get You Out of A Slump


Get To Know Me TAG


Guess Ze Plot – February Releases

20 Series I Have Yet To Read

Brand New Design Announcement


As I’ve said in the beginning of this post: I haven’t read much. BUT, all the books I’ve read  and that I’m currently reading were and are SO good. I’ve only managed to review Night Film but I’m soon going to post the review of the three other books I’ve finished which are: March: Book One by John Lewis – The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket and The Unseen World by Liz Moore. My favorites? March, The Unseen World and Night Film! I did enjoy The Bad Beginning too but I think that the fact of it being so short didn’t do it for me so I need to read more of the series. I haven’t read these books as a child and seeing all the good reviews, I had quite high expectations going into it so I’m afraid that that didn’t help either.



Now for the books that I started during February but I still didn’t finish, we have Finnikin of The Rock (YES! I’ve started a series yaay) by Melina Marchetta and David Copperfield (that I’m reading in French) by Charles Dickens. I’ve spoken about it on a blog post and on Twitter, I know, but I’m going to say it again: David Copperfield is THE book! I didn’t think I would enjoy a classic as much as I’m currently enjoying David Copperfield. It is so beautifully written, so full of feelings and will make you laugh, wanna hit a wall and cry. Also it is a very bad idea to read this on your way to an important event because if by any chance you’re reading one of the sad scenes, you might go there with puffy eyes, ruined mascara and only feeling like laying down and hiding under your covers. I was afraid not to like it because I’ve read in many places that you’re either a big fan of Dickens or someone who cannot stand him but now I can say that I’m also a Dickens’ trash. As for Finnikin of The Rock, I’m only at the beginning of it as I’m trying to finish David Copperfield as soon as possible so I can’t say much about it but I’m really excited about reading the series!




Now I suck at taking book pictures so I will save myself from embarrassment and I’ll just post pictures from Google of the editions I got :’).


Now for the books that I want to read! You may know by now if you’ve read my last post about series that I want to read more of them and as I’ve said earlier I am currently reading Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta so my goal for March would be to finish The Lumatere Chronicles and David Copperfield.


And that’s it for the February Wrap Up! Do any of these books piqued your interest? Have you read any of these or perhaps are they already in your TBR? 


3 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up (+TBR)

  1. Alas, being force-fed Dickens at school really killed any enjoyment of his work for me! David Copperfield wasn’t one of those, so who knows – maybe one day! 😉


    1. I can totally get that! School somehow always manages to do that. Thankfully, we don’t get to see many books/authors where I live. The only book by a famous author was “The Last Day of A Condemned Man” but it didn’t affect my love for Hugo because I had read “Les Misérables” way before and “The Last Day of A Condemned Man” wasn’t that bad.
      I hope you’ll get to enjoy Dickens if you ever read another book of his.

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