Brand New Cover!

Helloooo! ❤

The brand new cover I’m talking about doesn’t concern a book but a blog! I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve changed the theme, haha! Twice in one night actually but I’ve decided to keep this one because it’s much more colorful and… I don’t know, what do you think about it guys? I didn’t keep a screenshot of my old theme to make a comparison but I had taken a picture for my instagram a few days ago that shows a little bit how it was before. Very basic: Black and White. I didn’t give it too much thought when I first created the blog and I just picked the most simple there is but now that I’m getting more and more involved and that I can’t stand an ugly, overly simplistic design for too long., I thought it’s time for a makeover!

Now I know that the featured images didn’t change and it looks a bit weird at the moment but I’m planning on changing all of this during next week and hopefully i’ll find a time for it in between my lab days, my lectures, my reading, my job and my driving test…lol. But you know, that’s the benefit of being a night owl! I’ve made this design at 1AM and I couldn’t be more proud. (Can already hear myself crying when I’ll have to wake up at 7am) I’ve added and edited some pages: DISCUSSIONS (where there will be links of discussions I’ll post) – READING CHALLENGES (where you can find the challenges for the current year and my progress) – REVIEW INDEX (aaaaall the reviews) – THE BLOGGER (edited it a bit: changed the name, added a picture…). I may also change a bit the posts’ format.

This is just a quick announcement and here are the graphics:





LOGO (which is basically square-header, haha) :


That’s it! I hope you like the “brand new cover” 😀

See you next time ❤

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