2016 IN MATTERS OF BOOKS: Reading Goals

Hello everybody and HAPPY NEW YEAAR! ❤

Today I’ve decided to do a quick wrap up of my 2016 reading goals and then set some for 2017.


At the beginning of the year I set myself to read 100 books but seeing my very busy schedule since I started working along with studying, I got it down to 80 because at some point it became all so stressful for me and I didn’t want the reading experience to be stressful (which is one of the reasons I’ll stop expecting from myself to read x number of books). So I’ve read 94 books of my goal of 80 books which is pretty cool although I’ve been binge reading instead of studying and now I’m starting to give up on sleep, outch… I stress read and eat. If I were to speak about personal goals, I’d say that at the beginning of 2016, I was planning on working out and losing weight. Turns out I gained weight, got a new record and became lazier than ever. Thanks first paycheck and eating out every day!

I also wanted to participate in the Around The Year In 52 Books. I made a list of all the books I would read but then I realized something: I can’t make lists for books I’m going to read and respect them! That definitely did not go very well because starting from the second week, I started changing the books in my program and then I started caring less and less about that list I made initially. Now I’m thinking about doing Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge. I know that I’m not good with challenges but this one seems to be less precise about when to read the specific books on the list so maybe it could work out because with Around The Year In 52 Books, each week had a specific book to read and it kind of discouraged me because I was constantly off track and it made nothing better. That has more to do with the fact that I was so busy trying to do everything at once.

One of my other goals was to read books from more female authors and authors coming from all over the world. Now I haven’t set a very precise goal for this one but I think I’ve managed this one pretty well. I think that more than half of the books I’ve read were by female authors and as far as authors’ nationalities go, there was German, Italian, Polish, French, Japanese, Egyptian, Russian, Ghanaian… For 2017, I would like to have as a goal: Read 1 book per month from authors of different nationalities. Meaning: 12 different nationalities. If I can fit in more, it would be even better!

Now aside from the Read Harder Challenge and reading books by authors from a wide variety of coutries, I think that my next goal would concern blogging. I am new to the blogosphere and there are some times where I’m completely off track and don’t know what to talk about nor when. I definitely think I should post more reviews and also do more discussions! I’m also more picky when it comes to the books I read so I’m thinking about changing completely the way I rate books so that I give 5 stars only to books that are astonishingly great and not just great books. I also would love to get to know more people in the blogosphere and perhaps try some buddy reading as well in order to interact more with fellow bloggers.



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