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Whether you’ve watched Gilmore Girls or not, whether you’re a big fan or not, you must’ve probably heard about the revival that was released on the 25th of November. It consisted of four episodes that followed our beloved characters through one of the four seasons. Now of course with all of my exams and everything going on, I couldn’t watch the episodes right when they came out and had to schedule watching them while trying my best to avoid spoilers and also had to schedule writing this article, sadly. First came Winter with all the memories coming back at us and it ends in Fall, an episode that will surely make you very emotional (if not make you cry rivers). If you haven’t started/finished watching the four episodes and you’re also planning to in the near future, please know that this article contains spoilers as mentioned in the title for the first two episode: Winter and Spring.



The first episode was great because it brought back all the memories. Quotes from the past seasons play as the show begins,  Lorelai’s “I smell snow”, the beautiful La La Las… Ah! Everything there just made me wanna re-watch the whole show frankly. It wasn’t exactly my favorite episode but I always love to dive back in a world I haven’t seen in a while. I realized how much I’ve missed Paris after seeing the first scene with her. I’ve really really missed her! She’s just amazing, in Gilmore Girls and in How To Get Away With Murder (yes, I watch lots of tv shows). She’s just like I (and possibly everybody) imagined her: badass. I was very sad about Paris and Doyle splitting up, they were perfect for each other but clearly people change, not like Rory. I’ve liked Paris more than her in this revival.

I don’t know why but Rory has showed herself to be kind of annoying. A boyfriend that she forgets about? An open relationship? Cheating? Still being “the other woman”? Really? Have you learned nothing, Rory? That is kinda depressing. Also, the fact that she hasn’t done much professionally is rather sad. Makes Logan’s dad right about her? Maybe? I may have not realized this in the previous seasons but Rory sucks and needs to grow up. Oh and Kirk? Have you seen Kirk? He looks really great! Chronologically, this review is probably messed up but I hope it’s not so much of a big deal. Now for Lorelai, I can understand that she’s had a difficult relationship with her parents but I still can’t figure out how she couldn’t find just one nice thing to say about her father at his funeral. I mean all this time when he’s been supporting her and her daughter…  I still can’t understand. Kelly Bishop aka Emily Gilmore was top notch! She really is a good actress and she made each of her appearances be epic.

As far as this episode goes, I’d probably give it a 4 out of 5 stars just because Emily Gilmore  ❤ and the memories.



In this episode there’s a food festival in Stars Hollow and we get to see Mr. Kim which is a big surprise. They’ve never really brought him up on the show and he just appears, out of nowhere in the revival. I really can’t find a proper reason for this. Was Mrs. Kim holding him hostage or something? Aside from that, we can see that Rory still doesn’t want to grow up. She has no proper offerings and when a blog calls her to start working with them, she thinks she’s too good for that. I can understand knowing your true value and not agreeing to work for something “below your level” but Rory Rory Rory, the only thing you’ve had going on was writing a book for a crazy lady (amazing actress though, if any of you has watched Dr. Who and has seen her). Arghhh, I can’t tell you how much Rory has annoyed me. The only solution she finds for her problems is to complain about them and do nothing. Well, do nothing besides going out with an engaged man (yes, Logan is engaged which destroyed Logan for me) while forgetting her actual boyfriend.

Something happened during therapy (Emily Gilmore and her daughter Lorelai are both going to therapy to try and solve their problems, finally!). They started talking about some letter that Lorelai has written to her mother, a very abusive letter which sounds like Lorelai talking to her mother but she doesn’t remember sending anything. And they start talking about the letter but then they just forget about it and us, as viewers, we’re just like “But wait, you were talking about a letter???? What happened? What’s the point of bringing it up then?”. We also get a short film made by Kirk which made the episode a little bit better to be honest alongside with a scene with Paris raging in the bathroom at Chilton where an alumni event is held after she saw Tristan who, sadly, isn’t Chad Michael Murray anymore. Why? Why? Whyyyy? And most importantly, if Chad wasn’t available for the guest appearance, why did they have to bring another actor for the role? We don’t get Chad and we don’t get Sookie… I loved Sookie and her energy and all the positive vibes she creates! She was one of my favourite characters in the show. It was really nice seeing them go back to Chilton though, I’ve always like their duo back in high school.

Now that I’m thinking about it, there are lots of things that I do not understand in this tv show. We get later on a scene with Emily and Lorelai in therapy talking about the reason why Lorelai isn’t married to Luke. I’m not sure if I remember well but they were talking marriage during last seasons so what happened during the 9 years after? They just stopped bringing it up? For 9 years? Can it get any slower? + They’re still hiding things from each other because Lorelai didn’t tell him about going to therapy alone and Luke didn’t tell her about being with her mother. Nice! Is it like they say “Mother like daughter”? I’m not going to talk about Rory’s screwed-up-attempt to write an article about lines, her cheating even more and her coming unprepared for an interview. Rory’s the worst. Done! I’m not sure what the writers were trying to do with Rory in this revival, really.

Besides from some specific scenes, mainly the ones with Paris and Emily (again), this episode really sucked. Not the version of characters I wanted to go back to. It also made me think about whether I actually liked this revival or if it’s just the fact that I get to re-see characters I used to love.

That’s it for the reviews, hopefully I didn’t leave out anything haha! If you’ve seen Winter and Spring, please let me know in the comments what you thought of it and what do you think about this revival? Is it what you expected or did you hope for more? See you in the next post!


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